Nourishment is a show that is far easier to experience than to describe. It’s about the stories that make us, the stories that we don’t necessarily tell but which hum, unspoken, in our bones. It’s not any one person’s narrative; growing up is different for everyone, after all. But it’s a collage, a constellation, that traces a kernel of truth, that reminds us that regardless, we’re all swept up in the passing of time, in our stories. We’re all just figuring it out.

- Courtney Escoyne (Assistant editor and contributor at Dance Magazine)

Sound Design and Performance by Trevor New


scenes and music from rehearsal...

NOURISHMENT is a series of immersive and site specific performances in locations around the country. It is an evening-length performance experience aimed at provoking all five senses using artistic mediums such as dance, live music, visual arts, storytelling, food, and drinks.

The process and production involve interdisciplinary artists collaborating to create each performance based on a viscerally-charged question. This performance asked:

What does it feel like to grow up?

"And it’s not just the dancers who enter the fray. Trevor New, who spends most of the evening tending to the soundscape, wades through the tangled limbs of his collapsed castmates as he tells the story of finding his way into music, then nearly losing everything to a.. (gruesome hand injury)."

- Courtney Escoyne (Assistant editor and contributor at Dance Magazine)