Your Hair Looked Great

“There's quite a bit of extremely good writing, and as a production, Great is a lovely object: beautifully performed, smartly scored by ambient composer Trevor New…”

- Helen Shaw, TimeOut NY

Sound Design and Composition by Trevor New

YHLG photos.jpg

YOUR HAIR LOOKED GREAT. A motivational speech. An ad for cheese chips. An ancient Greek hero. A desire to do good, to live right, to not fail, to make the world better, to find happiness, to find comfort, to find meaning, to find, to find, to find, success, success, SUCCESS. Your Hair Looked Great is a kaleidoscopic head-trip through the social and cultural forces that shape our sense of what life is and what life should be.

"The impressive ache of this show, then, is its structural admission that there might not be any failsafe pathway toward success—or, indeed, that success might not be achievable in the first place." - Corinne Donly, Culturebot