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JOUR•NY - Round Table Salon and POD

The only thing that makes life worth living is the possibility of experiencing now and then a perfect moment. And perhaps even more than that, it's having the ability to recall such moments in their totality, to contemplate them like jewels.

- Paul Bowles, The Spider's House

JOUR•NY april 13, 14 & 15

Well, my lovelies ~ It's once again the moment for another memorable evening and this time it's very, very special indeed! And, to spread more love to more there are 3 amazing nights that we believe will satisfy curiosity cravings.

Come, come my friend to one special night.

As you walk down a New York City sidewalk enter a door, slip off your shoes and step into a Paul Bowles world, The Sheltering Sky. Unwind in a virtual Tangier with cocktail in hand and journey with us to the Sahara. Experience contrasts, an authentic ambiance within a stylized context. Let dark corners lit with lanterns guide you on a sound and silent journey. Settle in, the traditional Berber way, and let what comes envelop you. Discover the unexpected as we journey together.

May your attire be inspired by the Bowles and their eccentric comrades. Nouveau élégance, kaleidoscope print mix or desert dune decadence perhaps? Oh, and ... bring your Babouche-inspired slipper or choose to own a handcrafted authentic one from a collection handpicked by moi!

These 3 nights are customised experiences by exclusive invitation. A RSVP Passport is essential by April 11. Upon confirmation receive a Manhattan address no less than 12 hours before your arrival.

I do so very much look forward to greeting you my friend, the curious one.


POD  friday april 13  9:00pm

Be part of an eclectic mix limited to only 30 individuals. Bring yourself at 9:00pm to mingle, immerse and get smitten by a few tiny tasty treats before we start to tickle your heart at 10:00pm with happenings that will intertwine with time, 60 minutes or so, with your full or divided attention – as you wish. As per usual we will not divulge the happenings for the night but do trust you may find some deepfelt enjoyment. Generous, stimulating, amusing, fascinating, quiet, animated and bold conversation awaits your presence.


Round Table Salon  saturday april 14  7:30pm

Round Table Salon  sunday april 15  7:30pm

Join an intimate gathering of 14 for a celebratory sip at 7:30pm. Be enraptured by our personal chef for the night with kitchen tales of our delicious feast beginning at 8:30pm. Infuse insight and your own experiences to enrich a round table discussion while we dine. Consider wonder, debate and humor to abound from the topic, one that intersects technology, culture, business and the arts, revealed for you to ponder 72 hours before your arrival. Ceremonial and memorable happenings will arise.