Nourishment Performs in Denver
to May 27

Nourishment Performs in Denver

NOURISHMENT is a series of immersive and site specific performances in locations around the country. It is an evening-length performance experience aimed at provoking all five senses using artistic mediums such as dance, live music, visual arts, storytelling, food, and drinks.

The process and production involve interdisciplinary artists collaborating to create each performance based on a viscerally-charged question. This performance asks:

What does it feel like to grow up?

"And it’s not just the dancers who enter the fray. Trevor New, who spends most of the evening tending to the soundscape, wades through the tangled limbs of his collapsed castmates as he tells the story of finding his way into music, then nearly losing everything to a.. (gruesome hand injury)."

- Courtney Escoyne (Assistant editor and contributor at Dance Magazine)

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"Uptown Rising–Performance Series"- Emerging Choreographers Edition
7:30 PM19:30

"Uptown Rising–Performance Series"- Emerging Choreographers Edition

Nourishment’s Trevor New and Gwendolyn Gussman will be showing a brand new work-in-progress on Feb. 10th, , 2018 as one of 6 choreographers selected to part of the Uptown Rising Showcase for Bridge to Dance in NYC. 


The Bridge for Dance Inc.,  is bringing back it’s emerging choreographers series- previously known as “The Attitude Free Performance Series”. 

We strive to provide choreographers a space to showcase their work in a unique and intimate, judgement-free setting. The performance will be held in our largest studio that will be converted to a black box theatre, complete with full lighting and sound. 

During the performance, the audience will have the opportunity to provide written feedback, and select their favorite piece. 

Following the showcase there will be an open feedback session, where choreographers will be able to engage with the audience about their work and process. 

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8:30 PM20:30


KABARETT / January 13, 2018 is a private curated soirée in Manhattan by invitation only. We appreciate your willingness to bring yourself into the creation 'pod' community and participate in the evolution of it. POD is a private, labour of love, non-commercial entity. RSVP is mandatory and this information collected is confidential. is a communication hub for Round Table Salon and POD.

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Ethereal Sounds Showcase
8:00 PM20:00

Ethereal Sounds Showcase

An Artery-powered showcase featuring the sounds of two distinctive and awe-inspiring musical acts:

Trendafilka is a New Orleans-based exploration of the female voice in polyphony. Founded in 2016, the individual members' love of tradition, singing, and sisterhood birthed a unique modern ensemble rooted in the vocal traditions from the Balkans, Caucasus, and Western Eurasian Steppe.

Trevor New plays solo performances as a violist. His work can be found in a variety of media, including film scores, electronic music, TV, and in his newly release album “New Flow” music for yoga and meditation. For more info,

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JAPAN Presents \\Masks//
to Oct 29

JAPAN Presents \\Masks//

Autumn is in the air. Brisk morning walks. Sidewalks full of crimson and fuschia leaves crenulating at their borders. The scent of pumpkin spice wafting from every Starbucks and Duane Reade directly into the deepest depths of your souls.

We at JAPAN Collective are excited to beckon the darkness of winter with a Halloween costume BASH this SATURDAY the 28th. There will be a fashion runway, there will be music, there will be poetry. I'll be one part of Rick and Morty - but which part? You'll have to come to find out.
*** Performers TBA!***
See you beautiful ghouls soon!

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Songs About Trains
to Oct 22

Songs About Trains

Created by Radical Evolution
Directed by Rebecca Martinez

“Songs about Trains” is a musical, theatrical and choreographic exploration of the multicultural, multiracial history of the evolution of the United States rail system, celebrating the immigrants and workers who made America what it is today.

Caitlin Cisco
Ann Flanigan
Alfredo Guenzani
Trevor New
Beto O'Byrne
Chris Peters

Stage Manager: Patrick Harnett-Marshall
Music Director: Trevor New
Choreographer: Joya Powell
Associate Director: Gineiris Garcia

Two Shows Only!
Sat, Oct. 21 at 7:30 pm
Sun, Oct 22 at 5 pm

Buy Tickets Now:

Produced by Ying Le and Meropi Peponides

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